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Employment Contract Litigation

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Why Choose Us for Employment Litigation and Contract Issues?

We have been litigating employment law cases for over 27 years in the state and federal courts of New York and other states. We have represented employers and employees in employment contract law matters of every variety:

  • Employees challenging non-compete agreements in employment contracts
  • Employers seeking to keep former employees from stealing clients and trade secrets
  • Employers threatened with injunctions because of various restrictive covenants in a new employee’s prior employment agreement
  • Employees with stock value assurance plans and other valuable benefit plans
  • (Our practice does not include claims of employment discrimination.)

In most cases the stakes are high for each party and time is of the essence. When a valuable employee leaves your employment and is in a position to divulge your confidential business information, most of the damage is done in the first few days. Your employment lawyer has to be able to get immediate court intervention in order to prevent the former employee from turning over your valuable trade secrets to your competitor. We can do that for you. You are not going to have the opportunity to wait for a lawyer with less experience to figure out the process. The damage will be done by then.

Employment Litigation Strategy

Your employment lawyer should have a sense of the strength of your position and based on that, should know which route will lead to the optimal result. Because we have represented employees and employers for many years, we have a good idea of the opposing party’s plan of attack and use that knowledge to move your case in the appropriate direction. Our goal is maximizing your recovery, or alternatively, minimizing your damage. Knowing when a settlement amount is optimal is a skill developed through years of employment litigation experience.

Hiring Us to Draft or Review Your Employment Contract

Drafting employment agreements grew out of our employment litigation practice. Why hire a litigator to draft your employment contract? We draft employment agreements based on what stands up to a challenge. We have successfully challenged a great number of restrictive clauses in employment agreements. Anti-competition clauses are not favored by the courts; you want to make sure your employment agreements will actually protect your interests. We will work with you to craft restrictions that are necessary to protect your business interests, and which a court is more likely to uphold, but which are not so overly broad as to unnecessarily hinder an employee’s right to work, which would make the restrictions vulnerable to attack.

Finding the right employment lawyer is an important matter. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications to represent you. Contact us today.