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Unfair Competition

New York Unfair Competition Attorney

The Lanham Act prohibits a business from using, in commercial advertising or promotion, any false or misleading description or representation of fact in connection with its goods or those of another. The law prevents the use of advertising to make misleading claims about the nature, qualities or geographic origin of a product.

Action Under the Lanham Act

At the New York law firm of Arthur R. Lehman, we have more than 30 years of experience that we use to the benefit of plaintiffs and defendants in Lanham Act unfair competition cases. Our record of results speaks for itself. We have obtained relief through the courts and through negotiated settlements in which the offensive product design and advertising were modified to our clients’ satisfaction.

If your competitor uses false advertising or makes false comparisons between your products, you can take action under the Lanham Act. If your competitor makes false statements about its products that would give it an unfair competitive advantage, such as untrue claims of being completely organic or better for the environment than your product, you can force your competitor to stop making such unfounded claims. If your competitor has taken action against you for any of these reasons, we can help.

In addition, the Lanham Act prohibits the use of descriptions and packaging that lead to confusion of the origin of products or services. For example, a manufacturer of a new product cannot give its product the same look as that of an existing competitive product. The purchasing public might be confused and believe that the new product was made by the established manufacturer or that there was some other relationship between them.

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