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Complex Litigation

New York Complex Commercial Litigation Attorney

We have been focused on complex commercial litigation since 1977. We represent plaintiffs and defendants in the Commercial Division, which handles complicated commercial cases as part of the Supreme Court of New York State.

What Does Complex Mean?

Complex litigation includes:

  • Disputes concerning breach of contract or fiduciary duty
  • Fraud or misrepresentation
  • Business torts
  • Claims in which a party seeks an injunction
  • Disputes relating to sales of assets or securities
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Partnership, shareholder, joint venture and other business agreements
  • Trade secrets
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Employment agreements
  • Transactions governed by the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Transactions involving commercial real property, including Yellowstone injunctions
  • Shareholder derivative actions
  • Commercial class actions
  • Disputes related to internal affairs of business organizations
  • Dissolution of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies
  • Applications to stay or compel arbitration

Generally speaking, these are tricky cases involving significant amounts of money, made challenging either by the dispute itself or by the parties involved in the dispute. While it may involve one party suing another, it may also involve multiple defendants, claims in several jurisdictions or foreign parties. There are several complicated treaties that govern how foreign parties can be sued in American courts and how parties can obtain evidence abroad for use in American courts. We are well-versed in these treaties and all other complicating factors.

We Are Dedicated to Resolving Complex Litigation

Most likely, you have a pretty good idea about exactly how complex your case is. You need an attorney who has a proven record of success in these types of cases, and you will find that attorney at our law firm. Our record of results proves it.

Despite the intensity of these cases, we still strive to resolve all matters in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. Although there are always unique aspects in every case, the fact of the matter is that, over the course of more than 40 years of practicing law in New York, we have encountered an impressively wide array of issues. There is very little that catches us off guard, very few challenges that we are not quick to overcome.

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