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Litigation Management Supervision

Litigation Management & Supervision

Litigation Management and Supervision; General Counsel

We have practiced law in New York City since 1977 representing both plaintiffs and defendants from the United States and abroad in Business and Commercial LitigationEmployment Contract MattersIntellectual Property Litigation, and International Litigation. Our representative results and reported decisions are provided as an example of our broad experience.

We Can Help Manage Your Litigation

We provide litigation management and litigation supervision services to a broad spectrum of business clients throughout New York and worldwide. In some circumstances, the in-house legal staff of a particular business has limited experience or interest in the litigation process, or the volume of litigation does not justify hiring a full time litigation attorney in house. For those clients, we coordinate litigation with outside counsel and make sure that matters are litigated in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.

For businesses without the resources or need to retain full time in-house litigation counsel, we provide a perfect solution to handling the day to day legal issues that arise. From offices in Manhattan, we act as consulting attorney to businesses worldwide. Our ability to provide counsel and advice on the level of in-house counsel is the result of years of practical experience in all types of commercial litigation and business disputes.

Local Counsel with More than Thirty Years Experience in the New York Courts

If you are searching for local counsel in any of the areas in which we focus, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss our qualifications to assist in the representation of your client. With an office in Manhattan, we are in an excellent location to handle out-of-state matters efficiently. We can efficiently handle service of subpoenas, production of documents, obtaining commissions for testimony for use in state court proceedings, and similar tasks.

If your client is a party in a proceeding in a New York court, and you are going to handle the case for your client, you will want local counsel to advise you with respect to local court rules and procedural customs, and possibly handle discrete aspects of the case for you.

If you are planning to appear for your client in a New York court, you will have to apply for admission pro hac vice. The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York has posted a fill-in-the-form petition for admission on its website at Pro Hac Vice Packet

When you need a lawyer who will give you a knowledgeable and practical advice with your business problems or litigation, you need look no further. Contact us today.