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Business Disputes

New York Business Disputes Lawyer

The number of issues that can lead to a business dispute is seemingly endless. Even the types of disputes that come up again and again, such as business contract disputes, can come with an infinite array of twists and turns. These disputes can turn complex very quickly. You need an experienced attorney who can recognize all of the nuances in your situation and chart a successful course to a positive resolution.

Attorney Arthur R. Lehman has represented plaintiffs and defendants in business disputes in New York City since 1977. We have achieved success in the most complex and challenging cases, and our record of results proves it.

We Can Handle Your Case

Whether your dispute seems run of the mill or completely unclassifiable, you can be confident in our ability to handle it. When huge amounts are on the line, or the future or your business itself is in jeopardy, we will put our experience to work to achieve your objectives.

Does your case involve a contractual dispute with another business? Is the dispute an internal matter regarding your employees, partners, or shareholders, or the sale of your company? Is it related to intellectual property? Real estate? Does your case somehow involve several of the issues mentioned above and more? We can handle it.

We have represented large multi-national companies, small and medium-sized businesses, start-up ventures and individuals in disputes ranging from federal securities fraud to fraud in the sale of a Stradivarius violin, from false claims of environmental superiority of a competitor’s product to music publishing royalty disputes, from breach of commercial warranties in the baby diaper business to disputes over the meaning of asset purchase agreements, and nearly everything in between.

Some of the more common cases we handle involve:

We are ready to take on the most complex litigation and are skilled in international litigation.

While we take pride in the title trial lawyer, we are also prepared to resolve disputes through forms of alternative dispute resolution as well as negotiated settlements.

Other Business Litigation Services

Other services we offer include:

Learn More About How We Can Help You

Whether you are interested in having us handle your case, are looking for feedback about the direction your case is currently going in or are a fellow lawyer seeking assistance, call 212-697-2715 or e-mail us to schedule a consultation with our New York business disputes attorney.