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Domain Name Disputes

Protecting Your Domain Name​

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Any successful Web site owner knows: Having a memorable domain name is key to a Web site’s success. Many individuals and businesses rely on their domain name for advertising, marketing, and branding. In short, a domain name can make or break a site.

Arthur R. Lehman, LLC represents Web site owners in domain name disputes. If you have experienced cybersquatting or domain name hijacking, contact our New York City law firm by calling 212-697-2715.

Domain Name Disputes

Businesses rely on having their trademark as their domain name:;; etc. However, domain name availability operates on a first-come first-served basis. When a start-up company wants to purchase a domain to match its company name, the domain may have already been purchased.

Cybersquatting involves purchasing a domain name in bad faith with the intent to profit by selling the domain name for financial gain to a legitimate business that has a recognized interest in using that domain name. For example, a cybersquatter who had no involvement in the automobile business or any other business with the initials “VW” registered the domain name with the intent of selling it to Volkswagen was forced to turn the domain name over to Volkswagen. The principal law dealing with this practice is the federal Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (“ACPA”).

Reverse cybersquatting (also sometimes called reverse domain name hijacking) involves a trademark owner who wants to obtain a particular domain name and files a lawsuit under the ACPA against the domain name owner who acquired the domain name legitimately in order force the rightful owner to turn over the domain name to the trademark owner.”

Legal Support in Domain Name Disputes

  • In the domain registration process, have you discovered that another party has purchased a domain associated with your trademark?
  • Have you encountered another issue regarding your Web site address?

Our law firm will help you find a resolution. We are experienced Internet litigation lawyers who understand both the technological and legal sides of a domain name dispute. We will help you retrieve your domain name so you can focus on building your business online.

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