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Second Legal Opinions

Second Legal Opinions From a New York Attorney

You are entrenched in litigation. Maybe that litigation is still in the early stages. Maybe it has been ongoing for a significant amount of time. You are beginning to question whether your case is going in the right direction. Perhaps you are at a critical juncture and need to decide if you should accept a settlement or push forward. You have the right to seek a second legal opinion from a third party with no ties to your case.

At the law firm of Arthur R. Lehman, we have been handling complex business and commercial litigation since 1977. When you come to us for a second opinion about your case, you can expect an honest assessment that comes from a position of experience. Being a third party, we have no hidden agenda, so you can trust the accuracy of the opinion we provide.

Validation of Your Overall Objective

We will look at your goal and balance it against the time and cost you have already invested in achieving it and the potential time and cost that will be added as your case progresses. First of all, we will be straightforward in telling you whether your goal is realistic based on the outcomes we have seen in similar cases. Then we will help you weigh the costs of achieving that goal against the benefits.

Review of Your Attorney’s Strategy

We will thoroughly review your file, looking at every detail to determine whether your attorney’s strategy is effective or whether a different direction may be more beneficial.

One of the most important facts we convey is that you probably have a wide variety of options as to how to move forward. We will review all of these options, again conducting a cost benefit analysis of the steps you could take. We will tell you the points at which you could pull out and the points at which it may be best to seek a settlement. We will tell you how different paths could lead to different risks and different outcomes.

You come to us and ask us what we think you should do. We will tell you what we think you should do, and we will explain why. You will have the information you need to determine the direction that you should go in with your case.

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If you are looking for feedback about the direction your case is currently going in, call 212-697-2715 or e-mail us to schedule a consultation with our New York city commercial litigation lawyer.