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We represent both publicly and privately held business entities, shareholders and individuals in business and commercial litigation.

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When it comes right down to it, most commercial litigation arises over money, but the issues involved are rarely simple. We represent publicly and privately held corporations, partnerships, and other business entities in a wide variety of disputes arising out of their business and relationships. Companies also engage us for representation in internal disputes, when intellectual property assets or corporate secrets have been misappropriated, when corporate opportunities are misappropriated, or when their interests are otherwise in jeopardy. We have effectively litigated a wide range of business disputes, including those involving:

We believe in a strategic and proactive approach to commercial litigation. In most cases, problems do not just go away, and without an appropriate strategy, business disputes frequently escalate. Commercial litigation can be an effective tool in achieving a business goal, but is frequently a costly endeavor. One of our initial goals in commercial litigation is to help our clients articulate a realistic business and litigation objective. Once an objective is established, we actively involve clients in decision-making as we pursue an optimal resolution. We do not promote unnecessary business litigation, but do not shy away from a fight; we are willing and able to vigorously wage a legal battle when it is in the best interest of our client.

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