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Drafting Negotiation Review of Employment Contracts

New York Employment Contract Lawyer

Employment agreements must be skillfully drafted in order to clearly establish the rights and obligations of both employer and employee. No potential issues can be overlooked, and all nuances that could be important to each party at present or in the future should be stipulated in the employment contract. Not only does this ensure a positive relationship, but it eliminates potential issues that may arise when the employment relationship ends.

More than 30 years of New York business and commercial law experience informs the law firm of Arthur R. Lehman. We will use that experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating an employment contract to ensure that your needs are met.

Elements of an Employment Contract

The elements of an employment contract can vary based on the needs of the parties involved. The most important thing is that all of those elements are covered. We will work closely with you to draft, review or negotiate appropriately to ensure that this is the case.

Of course, the contract should include obvious elements, such as compensation, length of contract, location, benefits and incentives. However, it is important that all of these elements are clearly articulated. For example, if incentives come in the form of bonuses, the contract should outline exactly what the employee needs to achieve that bonus, such as specific sales numbers within specific time frames.

Contracts may also outline severance agreements, reporting relationships as well as the employee’s title. They should clearly describe the reasons that an employer may cite to terminate an employee’s employment, and the consequences for such termination.

Restrictive covenants are also common, often in the form of:

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