Intellectual properties are incredible valuable assets for any company or individual and should be protected from those looking to take the ideas and concepts for their own gain. If your business is facing a situation of intellectual property dispute, having the assistance of an experienced attorney can be an invaluable resource.

At Arthur R. Lehman, L.L.C., we represent individuals, businesses, inventors, and entrepreneurs facing such situations. Our experience in the realm of business litigation makes us devoted allies for those who have been taken advantage of by another induvial or business. We understand just how important preserving trademarks and copyrights is and have a great respect for the creativity and hard work that goes into bringing an original idea to life in the first place.

New York is a city of many brilliant minds and companies. Unfortunately, that also makes it a prime location for the infringement of copyrights and trademarks. Our Manhattan office allows us to passionately fight for our New York clients and gives us a convenient location from which to conduct our work on your behalf. We take pride in approach each intellectual property situation with an analytical mindset and always look for the most efficient method of problem solving. We will not waste your time or money by fling unnecessary motions that only delay the progress of your case. We will also communicate clearly and honestly about your situation in order to form a realistic objective and keep you informed of the situation every step of the way.

Your ideas are valuable and precious. Do not let another party take advantage of them without the proper legal action. For more information, visit our intellectual property litigation page.