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Target being sued for trademark infringement by Burberry

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Intellectual Property |

Intellectual property is important for many businesses. When there are suspected trademark infringements, it can hurt a company’s brand. New York City is home to many creative people who generate new ideas, products and services. It is important that a company’s trademarks are protected.

A recent lawsuit has emerged in which the iconic Burberry is suing Target for trademark infringement. Burberry alleges Target used their checkered print on water bottles, eyeglasses, luggage and scarves. The checkered print is one that Burberry has used since 1920 on their scarves and trench coats. Burberry sent Target a cease and desist letter in early 2017. Burberry states that the items Target had for sale were not approved by them and customers may believe that they were endorsed by Burberry. Burberry is asking for $2 million for each trademark violation along with damages.

Trademark infringements are common among manufacturers. It is important for companies to protect their brand and good reputation. When other companies infringe on their products, it can confuse the consumer and bring down the brand’s good reputation. A legal professional who is skilled in intellectual property litigation can help their client in cases involving trademark infringement, unfair competition and other domain litigation matters. They have experience dealing with these complicated matters and they understand the importance of protecting intellectual property. This property is extremely valuable for their client.

Trademark infringement is a problem for many businesses. It is important for a company to protect their brand because of its significant value and the amount of time and money a company has put into their products.

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