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On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Many New York businesses invest a lot in their brands, their trademarks and their distinctive packaging and appearance. What if somebody else attempted to usurp their protected intellectual property for purposes of unfair competition? Many would find this to be financially harmful. On the other hand, if a competitor was caught unawares by another company’s allegations of unfair competition, they would probably want a chance to explain the situation.

Not long ago, we told you about the Lanham Act and how it protects businesses that have been the victims of these kinds of unfair competition. The Lanham Act affords businesses the opportunity to argue that another company is unfairly using trademarks and packaging to cause confusion in the marketplace. The Lanham Act also affords defendants the right to defend themselves against these kinds of allegations.

Companies in either position may need legal help to make their case and fight for a favorable outcome. Attorney Arthur R. Lehman has represented businesses in these kinds of cases and others over his four decades of legal practice. Our firm’s experience can be put to work for companies involved in many kinds of business disputes. We have a clear track record of success.

Whether a particular dispute involves an alleged breach of contract, a trademark infringement, a real estate dispute or more, we can handle it and fight for a desirable outcome for our clients. We’ve handled cases as diverse as securities fraud, fraud in the sale of rare goods and fraud regarding the environmental friendliness of a certain product. We are reachable by phone and email. For more information of the services we provide, please check out the business disputes page on our website.

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