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What is a confidentiality contract in employment law?

When Manhattan business owners have both employees and trade secrets or other confidential information, those business owners may feel they have a problem. Employees may need access to the secrets in order to do their jobs, but how can an owner control the risk of the employee sharing the secret with third parties? This blog post will briefly describe one tool that a business owner might use for this purpose: confidentiality contracts.

We can handle New York business disputes

Many New York businesses invest a lot in their brands, their trademarks and their distinctive packaging and appearance. What if somebody else attempted to usurp their protected intellectual property for purposes of unfair competition? Many would find this to be financially harmful. On the other hand, if a competitor was caught unawares by another company's allegations of unfair competition, they would probably want a chance to explain the situation.

A brief primer on business torts

When Manhattan business owners think about why they might sue or be sued, many immediately think of breach of contract. Indeed, much of the business law duties of courts revolve around alleged breaches of contract. Yet there are other possible bad actions that could result in litigation. This blog post will provide a brief discussion of a major category of business litigation: business torts.

Three legal reasons to register a copyright

When someone creates an original work, they more than likely do not wish to see another party profit from it. While this expectation alone is a logical reason to register a copyright, protecting one's work can come with additional legal benefits.

LeBron accuses 'Bama of copyright, trademark infringement

When it comes to intellectual property in the public eye, brands - and rightfully so - can be very protective. Some brands, such as one represented by a certain round-eared rodent mascot, are infamous for how aggressively they police and protect their images, trademarks and copyrights. It appears that LeBron James' multimedia platform "Uninterrupted" looks to be a brand that wants to be known for its fierce approach to apparent infringement.