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Beyoncé: Trademark dispute is mere profiteering

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Intellectual Property |

A brand’s intellectual property – including the brand’s name, itself – can be be extremely valuable. In cases where the look and feel of a logo or even the words used in the name of one brand are too similar to those used by another, a dispute can arise. Disputes can be expensive, wasting a lot of a brand’s time and resources. This is why it is important to protect a brand’s intellectual property through all available legal devices, such as trademark protection.

Over the past year, Beyoncé has been involved in just such a dispute with the owner of an event planning business called Blue Ivy Company. The singer attempted to register her daughter’s name, Blue Ivy Carter, with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Beyoncé said that she wanted to use the name for ventures in fashion and beauty, while preventing others from trying to exploit her daughter’s identity.

Blue Ivy Company, for its part, objected to the trademark, saying that the name is too close to its own brand and the type of business in which it is involved. Litigation ensued. At a recent settlement conference, Blue Ivy Company proposed a joint business venture with Beyoncé, using the name Blue Ivy. Beyoncé’s attorneys rejected the overture as an attempt to profit from the dispute.

The Beyoncé case clearly highlights how important it is to protect a brand. While it’s not immediately clear that Blue Ivy Carter is close enough in name and business purpose to infringe Blue Ivy Company’s trademark, the latter is certainly entitled to make the claim. And its trademark registration helps to make Blue Ivy Company’s case stronger.

Source: Music News, “Beyoncé accuses trademark challenger of wanting to cash in on legal dispute,” Feb. 18, 2018

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