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3 reasons business partnerships struggle

Business partnerships are just like any important interpersonal relationship - they require attention and care to thrive. Unfortunately, many partners can fall into traps that sour the relationship and even create a toxic work environment. This can lead to costly disputes and dissolution of the partnership.

Beyoncé: Trademark dispute is mere profiteering

A brand's intellectual property - including the brand's name, itself - can be be extremely valuable. In cases where the look and feel of a logo or even the words used in the name of one brand are too similar to those used by another, a dispute can arise. Disputes can be expensive, wasting a lot of a brand's time and resources. This is why it is important to protect a brand's intellectual property through all available legal devices, such as trademark protection.

How a non-compete agreement can protect a New York business

When someone in New York starts a business, they put a lot of effort into making sure it is successful. Often businesses rely on employees like sales personnel, product developers or even chefs, to build up a business. Such employees, however, usually have access to proprietary business information. Proprietary business information can include customer lists, trade secrets like recipes or product formulas, or other intellectual property. If an employee with such information leaves the business, there is always the possibility that that business's proprietary information could fall into the hands of a competitor.

What are severance agreements and how do they work?

Many New Yorkers have been hearing good news from employers recently: "You're hired!" Although this is often a cause for celebration, both employees and employers usually have some things to sort out before the big first day of work. Often one of these things is negotiating a severance agreement. A severance agreement provides employees with money or other benefits under certain circumstances when they leave the company. This blog post will provide some essential information about severance agreements.