Much like a person can have a specific branding, the details that make them who they are, a business has the same branding. The name, a trademark, advertising and any other defining factors make a business. These details link the business to the public, and this is what makes a business thrive. Thus, when another business encroaches on these details, this can cause public confusion and harm to the business. Protecting intellectual property is important, especially when other companies in the industry put it at risk.

Whether your business’s intellectual property is put at risk or your company is being accused of trademark infringement, it is important to understand how best to approach this matter. At Arthur R. Lehman, LLC, our experienced legal team has represented individuals, businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs in the Manhattan area, guiding them through these litigation matters.

It is likely that you have taken special care to protect the intellectual property of you company; thus, it is difficult when you are faced with a dispute involving your business’s trademarks, copyrights or trade dress. This is where our law firm comes into play. We have extensive knowledge in this area of law and a good track record when it comes to reaching a favorable outcome for our clients.

Our goal is to protect the businesses of our clients. When taking the matter to mediation, arbitration or litigation, we seek to meet the objectives of our clients. Whether that means recovering damages, filing an injunction, obtaining attorney fees or even getting a court order to have infringing items destroyed, we will work hard to protect the goals of our clients.

To learn more, check out our intellectual property page. No matter what gives rise to these matters, it is important to understand your rights and options available in the matter. While it might be complex, it is crucial to consistently take steps that help better protect your business and its brand.