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Manhattan business relationships require trust

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2017 | Business Torts |

Manhattan business people expect their business partners, vendors, contractors and customers to be honest about the important aspects of their business transactions. Our business culture is based on trust, and a baseline level of honesty engenders trust and fruitful business relationships. If business people feel they cannot trust the people they do business with, the whole economy suffers. This is why our legal system encourages honesty among business partners.

Not long ago, we discussed the elements of the legal concept of fraud and how it can be proved in court. When someone in a business deal knowingly misrepresents a material fact causing another party to suffer damages, the injured party may be able to recover for fraud. This remedy helps to safeguard the baseline level of trust necessary to do business in the Big Apple.

An experienced, confident business tort litigator can be a key asset to have when pursuing a resolution to a business fraud situation. Attorney Arthur R. Lehman has many years of experience in advocating on behalf of his clients in their business law matters. Our firm’s impressive track record speaks for itself. When a client hires our firm, they can be confident that we have ample experience with resolving business disputes both through negotiation and through litigation when necessary. This allows us to give the knowledgeable advice our clients seek.

It can be vital for business people with legal issues to pick the attorney who is right for them. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services with potential clients. Our business torts web page provides more information and a link that can be used to get in touch with us.

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