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August 2017 Archives

"Walking Dead" team alleges breach of contract in lawsuit

It's a phenomenon that has no doubt captured the attention of many New York business people: the rise of quality television programming over the past few years. Many award-winning shows are available for viewing both on traditional television and on-demand streaming. With all the awards and viewers come big revenues and big disagreements over who should get those revenues and how much they should get. A good example of this is a contract dispute that reached the courts of the Empire State.

Preparing small business owners for business litigation

Many compare starting a business to having a new baby. Many responsibilities come with starting a business, and many unexpected events could occur in the first couple of years. Thus, business owners, like new parents, take the time to protect their rights and interests in a new business. Yet, no matter how careful you are or what protective measures you take, the unexpected can still occur. No one expects to be involved in a business litigation situation. However, it is a matter that small business owners can prepare themselves for.

A short introduction to trademark law

Trademark law is one area of intellectual property law that involves huge numbers of people and companies. Not every Manhattan business person has a patent or a copyright, but many do have a trademark that represents their business in the eye of the public and that they wish to defend vigorously. Our readers should familiarize themselves with an introduction to trademark law.

When is breach of contract a "material breach"?

New York businesspeople rely on their customers, clients and vendors to keep their promises or to renegotiate agreements if the current ones are not working out. These promises and agreements are called contracts, and our legal system recognizes the importance of these contracts and the importance of the parties adhering to them. When at least one contract term has been violated by a party, the contract is said to have been breached. But, how do courts respond to contract breaches?

What is breach of fiduciary duty?

Many successful Manhattan business relationships are built on trust. When parties feel that they can trust each other, they may have the confidence necessary to form mutually beneficial commercial relationships. On the other hand, if parties do not feel that they can trust each other, the overall business climate can be negatively affected. This is why the victims of these breaches of trust can often have recourse to our legal system to seek damages for their losses.