Whether it’s a simple sale of goods or a complex and critical merger or acquisition, the business of most Manhattan companies is ruled by contracts. In the vast majority of cases, business people either adhere to the contracts they have made or successfully renegotiate new arrangements with their suppliers, customers and merger or acquisition partners. Although most business people would prefer to avoid business disputes if possible, they are sometimes unavoidable, and it is important for business people to take action to protect their rights.

Not long ago, a recent post here described a business dispute that erupted between two major health insurers. They had signed a merger agreement, but the federal government had filed a lawsuit to halt the deal on antitrust grounds. One health insurer then sued the other, claiming that it had breached their contract by not adequately preparing for the antitrust litigation with the government.

A contract dispute such as this can greatly affect the business operations of a company in New York. Depending on the circumstances, a business may want to pursue the interests it wanted to protect by making the contract in the first place. This is where a business and litigation law firm can potentially be very helpful. At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients with the negotiation and litigation of business disputes.

Furthermore, our law firm attempts to help Manhattan business people with the drafting of contracts. Our goal in drafting contracts is the avoidance of misunderstandings and contract disputes. Whatever your business or personal contract needs, our law firm works to help our clients reach the best outcome. Our law firm’s contract litigation page has more on dealing with contract disputes.