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False Advertising Under the Lanham Act

Everyone knows that a strong marketing campaign is an essential part of growing a business and informing the public about the various qualities of a product or service that they provide. While some people may embellish the qualities of their products in some way, there is a line between this and false advertising.

Breaking up a partnership can lead to litigation

Many New Yorkers operate their businesses in partnership with at least one other person and possibly several people. While some of these are true general partnerships, other business organizations, such as an LLC, operate in many respects like a partnership. In any event, this form of business often is a great way for people to pool their resources and talents in order to turn a profit and earn a living.

Helping business owners protect their copyrights

As previous posts on this blog have discussed, many of the most prominent copyright disputes concern books, music and other works of art. Many people may mistakenly assume that this means businesses need only concern themselves with trademarks, patents and trade secrets, and not with copyright law. However, copyright disputes can concern business materials, as well as art and literatue. In fact, many businesses in New York City need to rely on copyrights to protect their software, marketing material and other important assets.

Copyright lawsuit over Author of children's books

An author who some time got sued for copyright infringement by the estate of J.D. Salinger for publishing a sequel to Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye" without permission has landed himself in legal trouble again for a series of children's books he and a collaborator published.