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On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2017 | Business Torts |

A recent post on this blog discussed the concept of “tortious interference” in the context of a hostile third party, likely a competitor, trying to disrupt the valid contracts of a New York business. As if simply trying to stay ahead of the competition isn’t difficult enough, having to deal with an individual or business who resorts to underhanded and illegal methods of competition can exhaust the resources of a New York business orders and, in the worst cases, be financially devastating.

Our law office has represented New York businesses in a variety of commercial legal disputes and has a record of successfully achieving our client’s objectives. Business clients often come to us when they feel that they are entitled to get or keep money. However, and this is often the case in tortious interference matters, business owners also turn to us when a pattern of behavior is threatening their income or ongoing operations.

Although certainly not afraid of taking a legal fight all the way through trial and appeals, because full-blown litigation is often expensive and time-consuming, we try to start by understanding exactly what our client’s goal is. For example, in a tortious interference case, our client may decide, after realistically evaluating the legal possibilities, he or she is willing to walk away from one contract but just wants to make sure the unlawful behavior does not continue.

Our client’s ultimate objective is our starting point when developing a litigation strategy. Although we cannot guarantee a result in every case, we are willing to fight aggressively for our clients if that is what they determine to be in their best interest. On the other hand, for those who prefer to resolve their disputes quickly and efficiently, we work hard to get the best deal possible for our business clients.

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