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Understand your real estate brokerage contract

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Contract Disputes |

A real estate broker’s job is to match potential home buyer or tenants who wish to rent or buy property, a home or an apartment. The relationship between the property owner, the broker, and the potential buyer or renter always varies, depending upon the contract between the parties.

Broker’s work commission, typically awarded to the broker after a sale or rental agreement has been made and a contract has been issued and signed. But it is not uncommon for issues to arise after the contract has been signed. In fact, there are even instances where a broker is not paid even after fulfilling his or her end of the duties, such as a seller whose subsequent actions leads to the void of a sale.

In such cases, the broker is still entitled to their commission. There are many ways to tackle such disputes, and it is often in all party’s best interests to resolve the issues before going to court.

The law office of Arthur R. Lehman, L.L.C., Business & Commercial Litigation has been working with clients for over thirty years resolve contract disputes. We help clients throughout New York, including New York City, Nassau County, Suffolk County and Westchester County, as well as federal cases throughout the United States. Our goal is to first determine the best plan of action and to immediately work towards that goal. We will go to trial if necessary, but will try to settle out of court if that is the best way to proceed. We can also aid a client in appeals if the first attempt is not successful. We take pride in our work and our record of success speaks volumes about our abilities.

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