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Protecting your rights during employee negotiations

If you are in discussions with a potential employer regarding a employment contract, it is important to come prepared. This means not only understanding what is included in a contract being offered, but also understanding options as to what else may be included or excluded in the contract.

What does a copyright protect?

Many businesses have tangible assets that they need to protect. These can include things like machinery, real estate and other supplies and materials. This is property that can be seen and touched. However, this is not the case for all businesses. Some businesses in New York have intangible property. This is property that may not necessarily be able to be held or touched, but is still as valuable as some of these other types of assets.

Understanding your legal rights in a business dispute

While people may like to think of business decisions as being unemotional, business disputes are often fraught with emotions. People invest their heart and soul into making their business thrive and when something goes wrong it can be frustrating. Things that threaten their sense of security can be met with stiff resistance.