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Can a patent be granted to more than one person?

Patenting an invention is one way New York residents can protect their intellectual property rights. By granting the inventor a property right, it allows the holder to exclude others from making, using, offering or selling the invention in the country, or exporting it outside the country.

What is the difference between patents and trade secrets?

When it comes to protecting one's original work, many New York residents may be aware of the traditional forms of intellectual property protection available-trademarks, patents and copyrights. However, a fourth lesser known but equally important form of intellectual property also exists, known as trade secrets.

Protect your business against false advertising

As discussed previously on the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog, any form of false advertising, including charging hidden fees, is prohibited under the Lanham Act. According to this, companies and businesses cannot make any misleading claims about qualities, geographical origin or nature of the product.