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Running and maintaining a successful business is a thoroughly satisfying experience. There are situations in the business world, however, that can arise and cause significant issues for new or even very established companies. Such instances can bring about turbulent and uncertain times, but no business needs to navigate those waters without proper assistance.

There are a number of different issues that can impact a business. It could be a case of a breach of contract involving an outside business, many types of fraud including securities fraud, disputes involving an international business and more. At Arthur R. Lehman, LLC, we represent both publically and privately held businesses going through such situations. We also handle internal disputes such as employment contract laws and the misappropriation of intellectual properties or company secrets.

Our law firm strongly believes in approaching matters of business litigation proactively. These types of issues usually do not disappear without some sort of action and, in worse cases, escalate beyond the initial dispute into something that could potentially harm a company. We strive to help our clients create a solid plan of legal action; one that is not only strong and clear, but one that is also realistic for the issue at hand. While we do not aim for unnecessary litigation, we are not a law firm that backs down from a legal battle.

A company, whether privately or publically held, is of great worth to those involved. We at Arthur R. Lehman, LLC, understand this and help those we represent approach many different kinds of business disputes in the most strategic manner possible. For more information on business litigation, please visit our website.

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