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What is tortious interference with a contract or expectancy?

Many individuals rely on their businesses, and related efforts, for their livelihoods and ability to enjoy life as a result of their hard work and success. When a business relationship has been interfered with, it can have serious consequences for the business owner and others. At times, conduct in business can cross a line and individuals who have been harmed by such conduct may have legal remedies to consider. If you have heard of tortious interference, you may wonder what it refers to.

Is content on my blog copyrighted?

New Yorkers express themselves in various ways and on various mediums. They may be writing songs and books and publishing them in traditional formats, or they could be expressing their opinions online in their blogs. The question that then arises is who has the right to content published on blogs?

Where do I file a breach of contract claim?

Once a contract dispute arises, New York residents considering suing the offending party for breach of contract may not know how their case will progress through the legal system. Below is a brief outline of what they should expect when they have started a breach of contract case

Monetary remedies for breach of contract

Ideally once two parties have negotiated their terms and entered into a contract with one another, their business or employment relations have become cemented and smooth sailing should ensue. In reality however, this is not often the case-many contracts are broken for one reason or another and the question that next arises in the minds of New York residents may be-what do I do now? It may be easy to say, take them to court, but what remedy can a successful party get in court?

Guidance through difficult business disputes

Running and maintaining a successful business is a thoroughly satisfying experience. There are situations in the business world, however, that can arise and cause significant issues for new or even very established companies. Such instances can bring about turbulent and uncertain times, but no business needs to navigate those waters without proper assistance.