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Successfully navigating contract disputes

Contracts are commonly used every day in many aspects of business and record the obligations parties have to one another as part of their agreed upon working relationship. At times, working relationships do not go as planned and contract disputes can be challenging for anyone or any company.

Torts prohibited by the Consumer Protection Act

In an ideal world, when consumers go to a store any buy something, they are getting exactly what is being advertised and for exactly the price being advertised. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Often times, companies engage in unfair trade practices that can mislead consumers or deceive them into buying something other than what they expected.

What should a partnership agreement cover?

Often, people who have known each other for a long time or gone to college together come up with a creative idea and decide to turn their friendship into a business relationship. In other situations, individuals who do not know one another very well may decide to partner with one another in order to start a business together. Either way, when embarking on a business partnership, it is important to consider drafting a partnership agreement that outlines each party's duties and responsibilities towards one another, in order to avoid partnership disputes in the long run.

Elements of a tortious interference claim

When New York residents enter into contracts -- be they of employment or of business -- they assume they are the only parties involved in the contractual negotiations and that when the contract is completed and executed, the parties are now bound to one another for the duration of that contract. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and a contract can be broken for many reasons. One of those reasons is when a third party interferes with the contract.

Changes to overtime rules affect millions across the country

Recently, this New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog discussed upcoming changes to family leave regulations. Now, further changes to employment law offer relief to employees in New York as well as across the country. The recently changed Fair Labor Standards Act has raised the salary threshold for overtime pay.