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Brokerage firm and contractor engaged in contract dispute

On Behalf of | May 6, 2016 | Uncategorized |

In New York, it is often necessary for businesses to use various contractors to help them with their projects. This runs the gamut of many different companies selling an endless array of products. It is inevitable that there will occasionally be allegations of a breach of contract when a product that the contractor provides is not deemed acceptable or the company does not remunerate its contractors for work they say they provided. It is then that a lawsuit may be considered to settle the matter.

A start-up publication is facing allegations that a consultant and content producer was not paid for five month’s work. The contractor, who has been working in New York real estate for five years as a blogger, alleges that the company did not pay him the $40,000 he was owed. According to his agreement, he was supposed to receive $8,000 per month to work for a brokerage firm. That amounts to nearly $100,000 per year. He has filed a lawsuit alleging the business contracts were not adhered to. The man wrote stories for the company about new developments in the Times Square area. These were placed on the brokerage firm’s website. In addition, he assisted with the creation of the firm’s materials related to the real estate market. The man says that the company went so far as to use his name and image without his approval.

There are inherent responsibilities when two entities enter a business agreement. Both sides, when they enter into it, are expecting the partnership to prove fruitful. However, it is an unfortunate reality that disagreements will often arise and lead to the parties lodging different versions of what went wrong with the business contracts. If they are unable to settle the matter on their own, it will often be necessary to pursue litigation.

People who are entering into an agreement need to make certain that the contract is organized and covers all the bases before signing it. If there is an agreement and it does not work out in the manner that the participants believed it would, it may help to have legal help to deal with the contract dispute. For any issue revolving around a contract, a business attorney may be able to provide guidance regardless of whether the situation goes to court or is settled through negotiation.

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