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Representing employers in breaches of confidentiality agreements

As mentioned in previous posts on this blog, there are ways to protect confidential information during negotiations with third parties, such as investors, potential business partners or even employees. A confidentiality agreement provides the signing parties in New York with the assurance that the information they share with one another will be kept confidential and will not be used for nefarious purposes or without the other’s permission.

Elements of a non-disclosure agreement

Collaboration is one of the main ways companies prosper. If one company has an innovative idea but they do not have the resources to bring that idea into fruition, they can collaborate with another company in a related field who has the resources to assist them. However, one of the key components for this cooperation is trust. Both parties must be able to trust one another with their confidential information and be assured that it will not be disclosed to anyone else. One of the ways New Yorkers can ensure their confidential information will remain confidential is by creating a non-disclosure agreement.

Brokerage firm and contractor engaged in contract dispute

In New York, it is often necessary for businesses to use various contractors to help them with their projects. This runs the gamut of many different companies selling an endless array of products. It is inevitable that there will occasionally be allegations of a breach of contract when a product that the contractor provides is not deemed acceptable or the company does not remunerate its contractors for work they say they provided. It is then that a lawsuit may be considered to settle the matter.