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What do I do if an employee breached a confidentiality contract?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2016 | Uncategorized |

Employers in New York and across the country work hard to find, recruit and retain employees. They go through a number of interviews and candidates to select someone who would fit in with their working environment and flourish in and contribute to the company. They spend money and time training the employee and give the employee certain confidential information about the company. Whether it is a client list, a recipe or a formula, during their employment, the new employee becomes a trusted member of the team, which generally means a confidentiality contract has been signed by the parties.

One way discussed previously on this blog is how employers protect their confidential information or trade secrets. This is done by requiring new employees to sign a reasonable confidential agreement.

This way, an employer’s rights are protected. But, these agreements can only be enforceable in a court of law if they meet certain requirements — not just the agreement itself — but also the trade secrets they are supposed to protect must also meet a few legal requirements. If not drafted properly, confidentiality contracts may be useless.

Lawyers at our firm are experienced in protecting intellectual property rights, both in the beginning by helping employers draft reasonable and enforceable agreements and when it comes down to litigation. There are unfortunate incidents when employees disclose confidential information, whether intentionally or unknowingly.

At that time employers need a responsible party to prevent others from using their private information. Lawyers at our firm are skilled at employer representation and work hard to protect their client’s rights.

With vast experience in protecting significant intellectual property assets, such as trade secrets, lawyers at our firm can help clients enforce their rights, whether in front of a court or an administrative agency. For more on intellectual property litigation, visit our page.

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