As discussed in last week’s post on the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog, protecting your intellectual property is your right and one you should avail. Understanding what needs to be protected and how to protect it, whether through a patent, copyright or trademark, is just the first step. However, simply protecting an original work is not the end of the matter-whether inadvertently or purposely, intellectual property rights can be infringed and New York City residents need to know what they can do when that happens.

As mentioned previously, it is possible to approach a federal court and ask for an injunction or for damages arising from the patent infringement. In addition to proving infringement and making a positive case for it, it is also essential for the claiming party to be able to defend themselves against the infringing party’s defense, such as invalidity of patent or infringement not covered within the language of the patent.

Lawyers at our firm have successfully worked with clients in a number of intellectual property disputes, including patents and copyrights. We understand the way intellectual property rights cases progress through the legal system and create strategies to ensure we can guide the outcome of litigation and also the cost and time it takes to achieve them.

Our team keeps clients involved and informed, by explaining the process in a simplistic manner and ensuring you can see where we are headed. We understand the importance of protecting creative genius in New York. For more on intellectual property rights, visit our page.