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Construction company alleges breach of contract against NYC

In New York, construction is a big business rife with the potential for disagreements. Business contracts are meant to avoid any ongoing disputes or battles over the work, how it was supposed to be completed and when. However, there is still the potential for allegations of breach of contract, problems over what was expected and what was done and the potential for litigation as a result. Even when there is a contract for the performance of services it is still possible for there to be battles over contracts for builders. This is why it is important to have legal advice.

Professionals can help in an intellectual property dispute

As discussed in last week's post on the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog, protecting your intellectual property is your right and one you should avail. Understanding what needs to be protected and how to protect it, whether through a patent, copyright or trademark, is just the first step. However, simply protecting an original work is not the end of the matter-whether inadvertently or purposely, intellectual property rights can be infringed and New York City residents need to know what they can do when that happens.

Know the remedies for patent infringement

As mentioned last week on this blog, there are certain ways New York residents can protect their intellectual property rights. One of them is by registering a patent and there are three types of patents that can be registered depending on the type of work being protected. Registering a patent gives the patent holder certain rights, such as excluding others from using the work for their own benefit, either by selling, making or offering it. But what happens if someone infringes on a patent?

Examining patent types and processes

Readers of the New York City Business and Commercial Law blog may have read last week's post regarding the patent infringement suit against Apple. While patents are a common concept, the exact legal concept may not be clear. Taking a look at the limitations and processes of patents can be helpful for those beginning (or improving) a business venture.