Intellectual property laws exist to create a safe environment for innovators-once intellectual property rights are created, even without registration, it protects the creator’s product and gives them the right to various legal remedies in case of infringement.

New York residents may not know what haptic technology is, but they engage with it every time they use their latest version of many of their smartphones– it is technology that adds the sensation of touch to computers and devices. Since many tech companies have incorporated the technology into their devices, many users may not be aware that the original technology is patented by a company that is claiming their intellectual property rights have been violated.

Haptic feedback developer Immersion is exercising their right to protect their intellectual property by suing Apple for allegedly infringing three of their patents. According to the company, multiple versions of Apple iPhones violate the patent, as they use vibrations on their touch-screens to let users know their touch has been felt and even as they differentiate between a heavy touch and a light one. According to the company, they have already patented this technology. Not only is Immersion trying to recover damages from the company, but also cease and desist measures that would make it impossible to sell some of the products using the technology within America.

Protecting the investments one has made within a business is reasonable and many New York innovators should keep this in mind when developing new technology and products. An experienced intellectual property litigation lawyer may be able to help guide creators on how to protect themselves.

Source: RT, “‘Immersed in trouble’: Apple sued for touch screen intellectual property violations,” Feb. 13, 2016