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February 2016 Archives

Apple embroiled in patent infringement suit

Intellectual property laws exist to create a safe environment for innovators-once intellectual property rights are created, even without registration, it protects the creator's product and gives them the right to various legal remedies in case of infringement.

Roc Nation counter-sues Ora in breach of contract case

When parties enter into a contract, they expect that both parties will honor it. However, certain circumstances can arise that prevent someone from fulfilling their obligations and the other party needs to be able to exert their rights in such a situation. This may be the case in the contract dispute between Rita Ora and entertainment company Roc Nation, as the most recent legal steps the company has taken is counter-suing the singer.

Representing employees and protecting their rights since 1977

When starting up a business, it is important for businessmen to know the rules and regulations that relate to their business. Once they start operating and begin hiring employees, they need to make sure that they are aware of and remain abreast of changing employment laws. In addition to this, when a New York employee begins working in a new company and signs their employment contract, they need to know what their rights are and ensure that they are being protected.

What changes to employment law are in store for 2016?

Both employers and employees in New York and across the country should be paying attention to the upcoming changes in store for employment law in 2016. Workers are increasingly receiving legal rights and protections that raise their pay, give them the ability to pursue employment litigation, and make certain that employment regulations are adhered to. Employers need to be cognizant of how to protect from lawsuits for certain actions they may have taken in the course of doing business.