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What is antitrust law?

In tough economic times, it is not easy to start a business. Many New York businessmen and business women may be trying to come up with new gimmicks or promotions to put their goods or services out there for consumers to notice and purchase. There are some activities that may seem innocent, but can wind up being illegal under certain antitrust regulations.

Contract dispute trial of "Boiler Room" exec to start soon

Many avid New York movie buffs may have seen the 2000 film "Boiler Room," but few of them may have been aware that there was a lot of unrelated drama related involving the real life individuals whom the movie's protagonists are based. These issues arose years after the movie was released. In the movie, Ben Affleck portrays a business executive who, after facing his own legal challenges, goes on to found his own company. The real life business man in 2012 discovered an employee had been allegedly stealing from the company.

Handling contract disputes is important for businesses

Contracts are a common facet of business and are used to govern a number of business relationships that parties may enter into. Contracts commemorate an agreement between parties to a contract and establish the obligations and responsibilities of the parties according to the agreement. There are all kinds of contracts, including business contracts, employment contracts and real estate contracts.

How do I prove trade secret misappropriation?

Protecting intellectual property is an important part of both innovation and growth in the business world. Last week's post on the New York City Business and Commercial Law blog outlined one way to protect information, known as trade secrets. The Uniform Trade Secrets Act not only defines a trade secret, but also outlines the essentials to succeed in a trade secret claim.

Trade secret basics

With so many technological advances happening in every field, companies are working harder at innovation and creating products and services that are unique and set them apart from the rest. Often, products that are released today are the result of many years of hard work and an investment of millions of dollars. Protecting these assets is an essential part of the advancement of that business.