When New York residents work hard to create something new, they invest a lot of money and energy into the work. In addition to this, they probably feel passionately about the works they have created and want their names to be associated with them, and rightly so. When they are working with a company or an organization, it is possible that the work they have done comes under the organization’s umbrella, as the creation might not have been possible without the organization’s resources. As mentioned in last week’s post, just like individuals, organizations have an interest in protecting the intellectual property rights they have in advertisements and brochures, among other things.

There are a number of ways that creators of a work or owners of a copyright can protect their rights, such as those mentioned in last week’s blog. These remedies are often available through a court of law, and it may be in a New York resident’s best interest to consider approaching an experienced lawyer for legal assistance.

Lawyers at our firm have worked efficiently in collaboration with clients to achieve their objectives and to protect their rights. We have kept our clients appraised of their situations and set realistic goals for them and with them, so they did not feel alienated throughout the process.

Preventing others from appropriating one’s work is essential to the creative process, something that we understand. Intellectual property disputes can arise for a variety of reasons and most often they arise in the employment context, a field that we are experienced in. For more on intellectual property, visit our copyright page.