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Donut franchise employees allege sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2015 | Uncategorized |

Running a business in New York can be complicated whether it is an individually created start-up or a franchise. There are so many issues that will come to the forefront – many that the proprietor never even considered – that employer representation is an integral part of becoming a success and maintaining it even if there are allegations of supposed wrongdoing. When there are claims that employment law has been violated in any way, the business owners need to be aware of how to lodge a defense against the claims.

Female employees at a popular donut franchise allege that they were subjected to sexual harassment on the job. This included both verbal abuse and physical touching. The workers banded together to file a case against their employer. The company that owns these franchises is being blamed for allowing this type of environment to flourish under its watch. The women, ranging in age from their late-teens to their early-20s, were faced with these behaviors from males who were in charge of them. One manager is accused of harassing an 18-year-old woman to the point where she called the police after he physically touched and hit her. She claims that he attempted to kiss her, unclothe her, and grab her body. She says she was dismissed for reporting it.

Many employer-employee disputes have to do with agreements, duties, and employment regulations. In some instances, however, there are more serious allegations that an employer is required to deal with in the course of doing business. One of those is sexual harassment. It’s not just the allegation and the legal filing that can be an issue for a business, but the reputation that can be besmirched by these types of alleged incidents.

In this case, there are several women filing a case against a company that owns these donut franchises. Although the accusations are serious, that does not automatically mean they are true. Those who are facing similar legal issues need to protect themselves and their business with help from a legal professional experienced in defending employment-based cases.

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