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What are the basics of sexual harassment?

When an employee is asked personal questions about their social or private life, they may think there is no problem with it, but the truth of the matter is that it can come under the purview of sexual harassment. What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment is an unwelcome sexual behavior-this could be sexual advances, requests for favors or other physical conduct. In addition to this, submission to this conduct could be an implicit or explicit term of continuation of employment, rejection of the conduct could be used to affect employment decisions of that employee or the conduct reasonably creates a hostile work environment.

Donut franchise employees allege sexual harassment

Running a business in New York can be complicated whether it is an individually created start-up or a franchise. There are so many issues that will come to the forefront - many that the proprietor never even considered - that employer representation is an integral part of becoming a success and maintaining it even if there are allegations of supposed wrongdoing. When there are claims that employment law has been violated in any way, the business owners need to be aware of how to lodge a defense against the claims.

Experience in remedies for copyright infringement

When New York residents work hard to create something new, they invest a lot of money and energy into the work. In addition to this, they probably feel passionately about the works they have created and want their names to be associated with them, and rightly so. When they are working with a company or an organization, it is possible that the work they have done comes under the organization's umbrella, as the creation might not have been possible without the organization's resources. As mentioned in last week's post, just like individuals, organizations have an interest in protecting the intellectual property rights they have in advertisements and brochures, among other things.

Remedies for copyright infringement

Readers of the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog may be aware that when someone creates an original idea, whether or not he or she registers the copyright, the copyright exists in that piece of work. That means that if someone else violates the exclusive rights granted to the creator by that copyright, the violating individual may be found guilty of copyright infringement.

What are my options in a partnership dispute?

Though it is always in everyone's best interests to avoid a business dispute and last week's post focused on how New York residents could go about avoiding partnership disputes, the truth of the matter is that business issues cause disputes across the city on a daily basis. What should one do when his or her business partnership sours?