Readers of this blog may have noticed the past few posts covered not only the importance of a severance agreement and what it should cover, but also a few guidelines to keep in mind while negotiating an agreement in the first place.

New York residents know that the employment market is a cutthroat one, with many qualified people struggling to find jobs to no avail. This may be why they feel pressured to accept an employment contract with an inadequate severance package. It is also highly likely that employees don’t know their rights when it comes to going over the employment contract.

Lawyers at our firm understand both the New York work environment and workers. We work with our clients to understand what they expect from an employment contract, and then help them pursue a fair and appropriate compensation and severance package. Even if a severance agreement has not been signed when the contract was formed, it does not mean that severance is off the table. We can guide New York residents through the stages of seeking their severance at any point of their employment. This may take place either before employment, during employment or after employment. It is important that both employers and employees act within the confines of the law.

Severance policy is supposed to protect not only the employer but also the employee. Having a qualified and experienced professional go over the document can ensure that an employee’s interests are protected. When the severance agreement is not being adhered to, we can also pursue employment litigation against the employer.