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Planning to avoid partnership disputes

One of the major reasons business partners in New York, as elsewhere across the country, disagree with one another is because of misaligned philosophies, specifically those relating to culture, branding and growth. This can be because new partners are uncomfortable broaching these issues during the honeymoon phase of the relationship, key hires are very excited about building a product and forget the dynamic created in their contract or because partners have misunderstood personal synergy with a business relationship. By taking a few steps at the beginning of the business relationship, it may be possible, later in the relationship, to avoid partnership disputes caused by poor planning.

What is the fair use doctrine?

The best way to capture someone's attention may be by showing them a picture; after all, a picture's worth a thousand words. But what happens when a New York resident is reviewing someone else's products or company online and wants to use a picture of the product, or the company's logo and doesn't have permission to do so?

We help out clients seek appropriate severance agreements

Readers of this blog may have noticed the past few posts covered not only the importance of a severance agreement and what it should cover, but also a few guidelines to keep in mind while negotiating an agreement in the first place.

Negotiating a severance agreement

Readers of this blog may know when they should be negotiating a severance agreement and what the agreement should cover, but their next question may be how they should go about negotiating the precise terms of the agreement. Employees in New York may fear losing their job offers if they negotiate their agreement or don't sign it immediately, but the truth of the matter is that federal law provides for a waiting period during which employees can review the agreement.