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Trump files lawsuit over contract dispute with media company

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2015 | Uncategorized |

As a defined strategy, most businesses in New York would not choose to operate in a way that draws negative attention to itself simply for the sake of attention. Some, however, believe that any media and public noteworthiness is a positive and will take any road necessary to achieve that. If there is a business agreement between entities and one causes what could be perceived as damage to the overall brand and anyone associated with it, litigation is a possibility. When there is a contract dispute, it’s important to know how to move forward with the case.

Billionaire, television star and now candidate to be President of the United States, Donald Trump, has filed a lawsuit worth $500 million against the media company Univision alleging breach of contract. The company chose to sever ties with Trump after he made what according to some were derogatory comments about Mexicans in his campaign unveiling. Univision chose to pull out of the planned airing of the Miss USA pageant, owned by Trump. Trump claims that the company’s refusal to take part in the pageant is an attack on his freedom of speech.

While this is an extreme case being played out in the public eye, it actually holds a great deal of similarities to many cases involving business contracts and a disagreement. Parties will come to an agreement and hold to responsibilities for their mutual benefit. There are many reasons as to why there might be a dispute, including how the contract is interpreted, who makes certain decisions, how finances will be allocated and commission. While it is preferable to make sure all bases are covered when the contract is drafted, unforeseen events can arise to muddy the waters.

In the case of Trump, he is embarking on a run for the White House and making statements that are offending some people. Because of that, Univision chose to end its relationship with him sparking this legal filing. Although most companies are not in the position of Trump, a contract dispute can happen to anyone. Some may find it useful to obtain legal help to settle the matter or seek compensation in court.

Source: CBS New York, “Donald Trump Announces $500 Million Lawsuit Against Univision After Miss USA Is Dropped,” June 30, 2015

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