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What should a severance agreement cover?

Now that New York employees have a sense of when they should consider negotiating their severance agreement, the next question they may have is what is their severance agreement supposed to cover. It is a good idea to go over the severance agreement to ensure some key provisions are included in it and also be aware of what an employee is entitled to even if it is not included in the document. Once we look at what should be included in a severance agreement, next week this blog will talk about how to go about negotiating provisions in one.

When can you negotiate a severance agreement in New York?

When making any business decision, company owners keep the interests of their businesses at the forefront. Similarly, employees consider their own best interest when deciding to join a company. A severance agreement can be considered a middle ground between the two parties -- the policy protects employees and employers alike in the event of a job loss. Before looking at what a severance agreement should cover in next week's post, lets first look at when a severance agreement should be negotiated.

Trump files lawsuit over contract dispute with media company

As a defined strategy, most businesses in New York would not choose to operate in a way that draws negative attention to itself simply for the sake of attention. Some, however, believe that any media and public noteworthiness is a positive and will take any road necessary to achieve that. If there is a business agreement between entities and one causes what could be perceived as damage to the overall brand and anyone associated with it, litigation is a possibility. When there is a contract dispute, it's important to know how to move forward with the case.

Elements of a tortious interference claim

As most people across the country know, coming to an agreement with another person can sometimes be very difficult. In business matters when minute details are incredibly important and different businessmen are trying to insert provisions for their profit, it is even more difficult. When New York businessmen finally agree on terms are about to formalize their agreement, it is incredibly frustrating when another company, in the name of competition, steps in and interferes with their pre-contractual agreement. In order to bar such tortious interference, courts may be able to step in.

What is false advertising?

If it wasn't for advertisements, New York residents probably wouldn't be introduced to new products or learn more details about products they are currently using. Advertisements are the way companies speak to existing and potential customers-they give them information about the product and its benefits, whether the advertisement is in print or televised form. Since advertisements generally have the power to influence people to buy a product, it is very important that advertisements accurately represent the product and do not misguide the populace, either about the actual product or about its price.