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Finding a job and then excelling in that job is difficult enough for New York residents, but when a dispute regarding employment law comes up, it can cause new problems as many employees are unsure of their rights in most employment matters. Most commonly, when an employee’s close family member falls sick or has some other medical emergency, employees are unsure of how to balance their work life with taking care of their sick family member.

It is not easy to work while a loved one is facing some medical emergency and many find it difficult to concentrate on their jobs and perform their tasks up to par. Workers may be hesitant to take time off from their jobs because they are afraid they might lose their job or lose their own healthcare coverage in the process. As mentioned in last week’s post on the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog, the Family and Medical Leave Act provides certain protections for these employees, including unpaid leave for some time without losing one’s job.

Not many employees are sure of what the act covers or how to utilize the protections offered under it. In these situations, lawyers at our firm may be able to provide assistance. As a small firm, we offer our clients personalized service that is customized for their unique situation. Despite our size, we have a high level of skill and experience, and we use those to protect employees’ rights. Unlike many bigger firms where a client’s voice is not heard, we listen to our clients’ voices and welcome their input, keeping them in the loop throughout.

Workers considering their options in these situations should not think that leaving their job is their only option. There are various laws created for their protection, and lawyers at our firm can help employees enforce their rights. To find out more, visit our employment litigation page.

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