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June 2015 Archives

We can provide employee representation in disputes

Finding a job and then excelling in that job is difficult enough for New York residents, but when a dispute regarding employment law comes up, it can cause new problems as many employees are unsure of their rights in most employment matters. Most commonly, when an employee's close family member falls sick or has some other medical emergency, employees are unsure of how to balance their work life with taking care of their sick family member.

Important facts about FMLA for employers and employees in NY

In New York, the hustle and bustle and competitiveness of the business world can make it easy for employers to forget that there are other aspects of life to which employees wish to pay attention. When one of these instances arises, a worker may need to use the Family and Medical Leave Act. Federal and state employment regulations are in place to protect workers via the FMLA, but acquiring a better understanding of the facts about the FMLA can avoid any missteps and provide a basis to either file or defend a case if the law is believed to have been violated.

It's Virtue versus Vice in New York trademark dispute

Intellectual property disputes can get into some pretty heavy subjects. For example, copyright and patent disputes often hinge on philosophical questions about what it means to create something out of nothing. But a recent dispute concerning a well-known New York media company is about nothing less than the nature of virtue and vice. To be specific, it's about Vice Media, the growing media company, and Virtue Marketing, a smaller company.