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Why should creators register a copyright?

Manhattan residents may be surprised to hear that they do not have to register a copyright in order to protect their intellectual property rights. Traditionally, creators had to register a copyright in order to provide protection against infringement, but now the law is explicit in that registration is not a condition to protection. Protection is now granted as soon as the author fixes their original work in a medium of expression.

What is a trademark?

When New York entrepreneurs and visionaries hear of the terms 'copyright' and 'trademark', they may intermingle them and not be aware of the subtle differences between them. Understanding the differences is the first step to determining whether a Manhattan resident needs to apply for either to protect their work.

What is a notary?

Last week, readers of the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog may have read the post about the importance of getting important business documents notarized in order to avoid contract disputes. The question that follows then is who has the authority to notarize documents?

Importance of notarizing documents to avoid contract disputes

New York business owners probably put a lot of time and effort into starting up their businesses and ensuring their paperwork is correct in order to avoid contract disputes. However, the unfortunate truth of the matter is that no matter how hard one tries, it is highly likely that they will be involved in a contract dispute at least once and litigation may result from the dispute.