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Fighting business torts with strategy, negotiation and experience

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Starting and running a successful business, in Manhattan or elsewhere in New York City, can be a tremendous challenge. When one’s business is affected by the deliberate acts of someone else, as in the case of business torts, running the business becomes even more difficult. Still, people affected by such acts do not have to remain silent and can elect to hold the other party accountable for their actions.

As discussed previously on the New York City Business and Commercial Law Blog, tortious interference with contract and precontractual relations is considered a business tort. Examples of business torts include fraud, unfair competition, restraint of trade, breach of contract and many others. Fortunately, the party adversely affected by another party’s wrongful interference can challenge their behavior with the help of a skilled lawyer.

Arthur R. Lehman, New York business litigation attorney, has extensive experience handling a variety of business torts and disputes. Depending on the circumstances of the case, he may begin by negotiating out of the courtroom and coming to a settlement that suits all parties involved. However, if he finds his client’s needs are not being met, he is not afraid to move to the courtroom. Our legal team tries to stay away from unnecessary litigation but will also fight vigorously for client’s rights in the courtroom if the situation arises.

To ensure client’s rights are protected without straining their finances, we work efficiently, diligently and cost-effectively and try not to duplicate efforts elsewhere. We work with clients to choose a strategy that suits their needs, their rights, and the interests of their business. With our practice, we have an impressive record of positive results in helping our clients resolve business tort disputes.

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