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January 2015 Archives

What is the point of federal antitrust law?

When conducting business in one of the world's most important hubs -- New York -- an issue that frequently arises has to do with antitrust law. While it's a commonly heard term, many are not aware of its genesis, why it exists and how it is enforced. Understanding the purpose and details of antitrust law can help those who are trying to push a business relationship forward to avoid federal law from interfering, and it can protect those who believe that unfair competition might result from a certain business decision.

How is intellectual property defined?

A common issue that arises when conducting business in New York has to do with intellectual property. While the phrase is frequently heard, its context is questionable. Many do not truly understand what it means. Protecting that which falls under the law of intellectual property can mean the difference between a business failing or succeeding. Therefore, those who are concerned about its definition and whether or not they have a case to file for litigation because of it need to understand what intellectual property is and its criteria.

What are the rules for employers and employees under FMLA?

People in Manhattan are often dedicated to their jobs and careers to the point that they're not aware of their rights under federal employment law. One such right is the Family and Medical Leave Act. It's important for employees and employers to know the details of the law, what the rights are and how it functions. FMLA provides employees who meet the eligibility requirements to have unpaid time off from work for certain family and medical reasons. It also provides guidelines for employers. Employees' jobs are protected while they are off.

Breach of contract over commission for hotel leads to lawsuit

Real estate deals can often be complex with various disagreements that arise once the business contracts are agreed to. When there are development contracts and the details become muddled, it is possible that the contract dispute can lead to litigation if the issues can't be settled. While neither side wants an agreed upon deal to go sour to the point where it's necessary to file suit, if the situation is unsalvageable, sometimes the only option is to pursue satisfaction via legal means. In real estate, this is a common problem especially when it comes to hotel and resort development.

Sandwich chain investigated for non-compete agreement

Employment law is in place to protect workers in every industry in New York and across the country. Enacted to ensure that employment contracts are within the rights of everyone involved, various issues often arise that lead to questions about employer behavior and why certain rules are placed into these contracts. These issues can arise regardless of the industry whether it's a large company or a chain of stores or restaurants. Many implement a non-compete agreement to shield themselves from employees departing and taking inside information with them for other companies to utilize.