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Legal assistance and protection with a business tort

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New York is the one of the worldwide hubs of the business world and deals are made on a daily basis. That comes with a certain amount of risk to all parties. If there is a contractual agreement, there is an expectation that both sides will adhere to it and not commit a breach of contract. But this and numerous other factors can arise to lead to a deterioration of a business relationship and make a business tort necessary. While this is worst case scenario, it’s wise to have legal protection when entering into any business deal.

In many cases, business disputes can be settled amicably and are simply a matter of different viewpoints. In others, there may be overt fraud committed, a breach of fiduciary duty, unfair competition, false advertising and tortuous interference when there is a contract or in a pre-contract situation. Negotiation is always preferable to moving forward with a business tort that can end up costing time and money, but there are instances when it’s necessary to move forward to get the matter settled.

Legal experience in business matters can’t be discounted. Having personal service with a wide range of legal expertise and skill with the business world is invaluable to the client. Achieving one’s ends and doing so in a cost-effective and efficient manner can make all the difference to a business whether it’s small, medium or large.

Regardless of the size, scope and details of a business deal that might be heading south, navigating the legal terrain is key. Whether the case can be handled in a negotiated settlement with, perhaps, both sides continuing to do business together or if it’s necessary to head to court, the main factor in success or failure is experienced legal advice. For that, it’s imperative to discuss the matter with a legal professional with a vast history working with business issues. For more information, please visit our Business Torts page.

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