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November 2014 Archives

Copyright infringement lawsuit against Microsoft not dismissed

Getty Images, a popular image providing company based in Seattle, Washington, recent started a lawsuit against Microsoft. Getty Images has said that Microsoft is guilty of assisting with copyright infringement on what they call a massive scale.

Contract disputes may affect more than the businesses involved

If you or our business is currently embroiled in a contract dispute with another individual or business, it is important to think very carefully about how your response will affect others, as well as yourself. When it comes to success in business, profit margins are not the only measurement that counts. Branding, brand loyalty, public trust and a host of other factors that may contribute to the success or downfall of your business may be affected by contract disputes.

When an employee steals company intellectual property

When employers interview potential applicants for open positions at their places of business, they generally work hard to find the best candidates possible. They only hire applicants after applications have been filled out, background checks have been performed and contracts have been signed. It is precisely because the hiring process is so involved that it is shocking when an employee steals a company’s intellectual property. One would generally assume that the rigors of the hiring process would weed out candidates capable of such behavior.

What can invalidate a business contract in New York State?

Though the validity of most business contracts is clear to all parties involved, sometimes one of the parties later refuses to honor the terms of a contract. New York businesses generally can go to court to enforce a contract if it chooses to. But not all contracts are as rock-solid as they appear.