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September 2014 Archives

Be careful when advertising on behalf of your business

If you own or run a business, you likely have either hired an advertising agency to handle your marketing needs or you have found creative ways to market yourself within your community and online. It is vitally important that regardless of whether you do your marketing yourself or you have hired someone to do your marketing for you that you remain aware of what marketing tactics are legal and which may lead to various liabilities.

Preventing and responding to cyber attacks on your business

If you are a business owner or a business executive, you are likely very concerned with ensuring that your intellectual property remains protected and that your clients’ privacy is respected. Unfortunately, cybercriminals do not share your concerns. In fact, hackers and other cyber thieves often target companies with the explicit purpose of stealing and exploiting otherwise private and protected information.

What damages are awarded for breach of contract?

Virtually every business in New York is a party to some kind of contract. Each of the parties has certain rights and responsibilities under the agreement. A breach of contract typically occurs when one of the parties fails to perform under the contract.

Protecting a trademark by using it or by registering it

When it comes to a New York company's trademarks, protecting them is one of the company's top priorities. Large companies have more resources when it comes to protecting this intellectual property, but smaller businesses also need to safeguard them. A trademark can be protected by either using it or registering it.

Lessons from Hobby Lobby in re: the corporate veil

When the United States Supreme Court handed down a decision in last year’s Hobby Lobby case, the media generally focused its analysis of the decision on potential implications for other business-related cases involving birth control, the Affordable Care Act or both of these issues. However, it is important for business owners of all kinds to understand that there may be a larger consequence of the Hobby Lobby decision that could affect numerous forms of business and commercial litigation filed in regards to a host of issues.